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Southern Comfort Protecting Tradition, LLC is a Class 3 Dealer in firearms and NFA items as well as a firearms manufacture. We are locally owned and operated by a full-time law enforcement officer. We support our military personnel and first responders.

Our backstory:

Our CEO, Jeffrey Tarter, had a vision of one day owning his own firearms business. This vision quickly became a reality with the support of his loving wife, Pamela. Out of a plethora of creative names only one kept standing out amongst the others, Southern Comfort Protecting Tradition. The name has multiple meanings behind it. Southern Comfort was put in the name as this is the type of customer service you will receive and many are a custom to in the south. Protecting Tradition was put in the name as we are a very strong supported of the 2nd Amendment and this tradition will be protected as we try to make sure every American citizen who wishes to be armed is armed.

With every company comes a branding image, better known as a logo. The original logo was designed with simplicity and to stand out. The original logo definitely did this and helped customers identify us just by seeing the logo. [Original Logo]

As time progressed on, we decided we needed something to help us standout amongst the others in the area. After extensive research and consideration we decided to enter the world of firearm customization. We quickly looked at several avenues and decided the quickest and most effective route to begin would be using a fiber laser. We bought a quality 30 watt fiber laser and quickly began teaching ourselves. We have quickly grown into a full service laser customization shop. We personalize firearm, tumblers, and many other metal or coated items.

Our store front began at the dinner table and quickly got pushed out of the house by the wife. We acquired a building and built a shop for a store front on the property. This small building was a great addition and ability to service customers more personably. We even began pushing gun shows and pushing the store name to many.

[Older store photo]

As time went by, our inventory and size grew pushing out of the building we had. We quickly got a bigger building and began getting it completed. Again things were becoming real and proving a vision could become a reality. The new building is just an example where you can get to if you “Bite The Bullet”and push hard to make a vision become a reality.

[New store photo]

As our business grew, we acquired the proper licensing to become a Class3 Dealer in
firearms and NFA items. This licensing opened many avenues for the company and ability to offer customers more items and savings. We also began discussion of obtaining another license down the road to manufacture firearms. With these visions, a new branding image, logo was discussed with our graphic designers. The new logo kept a part of the original and added many new aspects. The shield was kept from the original logo and the skeleton was added to show the strength in our vision to protecting the traditions of this nation. The skeleton holding a short barrel rifle showing the NFA aspect of the company.

Our Founder:

The Founder and CEO of Southern Comfort Protecting Tradition is Jeffrey Tarter. Jeffrey was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida and was taught to be safe around firearms at an early age. Jeffrey believes everyone who wishes to be armed and legally able to should be. Jeffrey’s desire to enter into the firearms business world was to offer customers with the ability to customize their purchases as well as ones in which they already owned.

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