It all started as a hobby collecting firearms, due to my current career choice, and a dream to one day own my own gun shop. I didn’t have money for a huge store front nor the overhead needed for the large footprint and inventory. So I kept on dreaming for that one day to come. Luckily, I have a very supportive wife who was encouraging and pushing me the whole way. Finally, I just had to bite the bullet!

I did a lot of research and found I could be classified as a home-based FFL. This would allow me the ability to pursue my dream right from my own home/property. I drew up some business plans and thought of a name. Many names were thrown in the bucket but only one kept standing out, Southern Comfort Protecting Tradition.

I really wasn’t sure how I was going to afford to get my new business moving and affording all the legality paperwork at first. After some debating I decided to sell a personal pistol that would afford me the opportunity to afford these fees.

I submitted my business paperwork to the State of Florida and the ATF. The wait seemed like forever but I got the phone call for the interview. I was nervous but well prepared and ready to answer all their questions. The industry operations investigator made the process essentially a breeze. After the inspector left, it was just a matter of waiting for the Federal Firearms License.

After receiving our license, we were pushing every avenue we could to be known and trying to acquire FFL Transfers. Our goal has been to help each customer save on their purchases from a transfer or from doing business directly with us. We’re not here to get rich but to help the American citizens stay armed and ready for what our forefathers seen as a necessity and a right to bear arms.

As we came to nearing the end of our first year, we felt the need to stand-out from others around us as just a gun shop. After looking at many options, we dove head first into the world of customization and bought a fiber laser. No this wasn’t a cheap investment and at first wondered if it was really the right choice. Yet again, I have an amazing wife who kept pushing me to bite the bullet!

We purchased the fiber laser and began scouring to learn the ins and outs of this piece of machinery. At times, I felt like I had bitten off more than I could handle. However; things began to come together as I melted and destroyed things. We’ve been offering laser services ever since.

Towards the middle of our second year, we saw the opportunity to jump into being a Class3 Dealer of NFA Items and not just selling/transferring firearms. Despite some hesitation we had to bite the bullet! We quickly got the ball rolling to get the additional licensing and decided we needed to rebrand the name with something that stood out and grabbed the attention of our customers or even the general person passing by. Once again we had to bite the bullet!

However, as time quickly passed by we needed something more specific to the name and what our brand truly respresented. A lot of time and thought had gone into the rebranding in order to match the name which has a specific meaning and what we stand for here. We’re all about treating you our customers with the famous southern comfort and protecting tradition of our rights to bear arms. We rushed into production of finding a new logo. The flag contained within the shield respents the Southern Comfort of American citizens. The Skeleton Soldier represents the protecting tradition as he holds a short barrel rifle (NFA Item).

We are rapidly approaching the end of two strong years despite the pandemic and all the other struggles life has presented. Without you, our customers, we wouldn’t be here where we are today. We say thanks to you and will continue to push to save you money and ensure you are armed for what is to come. Stay Safe, Bite The Bullet!

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