As 2020 has comes to an end we are grateful for all of your support throughout the year. Despite the pandemic, the year 2020 had some good points for us. The fiber laser we invested in has been a good addition to the store and things we can offer to our customers. We have many exciting things to offer in the new coming year. We hope the new year, 2021, will be just as prosperous if not more. Continue reading below to see all the changes we are bringing with the new year!

With the new year and many new gun owners, we are going to be offering training classes for a multitude of courses from gun safety, shooting techniques, and much more. We plan to have classes about your everyday handling, cleaning, safety tips and trips, gun reviews, and more. You won’t have to be local to us to attend as these classes will be online and be on social media platforms.

You may be asking yourself why pay for these classes when there are plenty of online free resources. We are changing the game and will be offering our class participants the opportunity to receive the items for FREE! These items will vary from flashlights, knife, gun accessories, and even firearms. One lucky class participant will be drawn at random based on the seat number purchased for the class. The videos will be free for everyones viewing pleasures; however, only those registered for the class will have the opportunity to receive the item being given away.

We plan to begin with one class per month; however, as things begin to take off we may offer more classes per month. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to explain things more to you.

With the internet and social media it seems this is the best way to connect with many of you and our youth. We are going to be expanding our YouTube Channel from just showing off what we do here. We are going to be using this for the classes listed above, as well as, just all around general shooting and information for you. Not everything we show you will be the “best” way but what works for us and others we know.

Also look for us to be blowing up tannerite!

As we continue to expand our services to you, we will be adding the ability to offer cerakote application for your firearms and many other items. With this in mind we are not ready to begin offering but you will be notified when we are. We will be posting the process of building out paint booth and keeping you updated along the way. We are excited and look forward to offering this service to you.

We will begin going to gun shows more across the Florida Panhandle and taking laser customized items with us. This will be a big name pusher for us and also allow many of you who are not local to purchase some of the items we are offering without traveling or shipping your items to us. We look forward to seeing many of you at these shows. Just keep an eye on the website and we’ll let you know which shows we will be attending.

Again we want to thank you for all of your support in 2020 and we look forward to helping you save money in 2021!

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