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Iowa State Firearm Restrictions

We will not ship firearms to a third party to be modified or changed in any way from manufactured specifications. The firearm you purchase must be compliant AS IS from the manufacturer before we will ship.

Information regarding State and local restrictions, laws and ordinances presented on this page is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the present time. Laws and ordinances for firearms, ammunition, and certain other items are however, subject to change, without notice to us.

Handgun Transfer:
Iowa residents must possess an unexpired Iowa Permit to Acquire (PTA), or unexpired Iowa Permit to Carry (PTC) in order to have a handgun transferred. These permits may be either a “nonprofessional” permit, or a “professional” permit for people employed in the following:
a) Private investigation or security business;
b) Peace officer;
c) Correctional officer
d) Armed security guard;
e) Bank messenger;
f) Person transporting property of a value requiring security; or
g) Police work.
Exemptions to the above are:
1) An antique handgun manufactured in or before 1898.
2) Post-1898 antique-replica handguns of matchlock, flintlock, or percussion-cap ignition
(typically black powder pistols).

Long Guns
Long Gun Transfer:
● No permits are required for transfer of long guns such as rifles or shotguns.

NFA Items
● Suppressors / silencers are legal for transfer with appropriate NFA-approved paperwork.
● Short-Barreled rifles / shotguns are legal for transfer with appropriate NFA-approved paperwork.
● Not legal in Iowa are: machine guns; destructive devices; and Any Other Weapons (AOW).

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