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Pennsylvania State Firearm Restrictions

We will not ship firearms to a third party to be modified or changed in any way from manufactured specifications. The firearm you purchase must be compliant AS IS from the manufacturer before we will ship.

Information regarding State and local restrictions, laws and ordinances presented on this page is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the present time. Laws and ordinances for firearms, ammunition, and certain other items are however, subject to change, without notice to us.

Receivers and Frames
The Pennsylvania Attorney General has interpreted the Pennsylvania statutory definition of “firearm” to include: an uncompleted firearm frame or receiver at any stage of manufacture. This definition includes so-called “80% receivers.” Any frame or receiver in any stage of manufacture must be shipped to a Pennsylvania FFL for transfer to a Pennsylvania resident.
A receiver does not need to be fully manufactured to be a firearm as defined in the Applicable Sections if it is: 1) “designed” to expel or 2) “may readily be converted” to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive. Please click link for additional information:


UPDATE: PA judge has issued an injunction on the restriction above.
So-called 80% frames or receivers are permitted to ship direct to residents in Pennsylvania.

Accessories / Ammunition
✘ Batons are prohibited.

Philadelphia Only
✘ Water pistols, electric canes, miniature cannon, tasers or stun devices, air guns, spring guns, BB guns, pellet guns, or any implement not a firearm which impels a pellet of any kind.
✘ Switchblade knives.
✘ Bows and arrows.

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